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Enhancing climate through Carbon Capture Engineering

Our carbon capture engineering experts are passionate about identifying cost-effective solutions for organisations transitioning towards a net-zero carbon future. Using our technical expertise and significant industry experience, we can manage the entire project lifecycle, from desktop studies to turnkey EPC projects.

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CCS Energy provides in-depth feasibility studies that unearth the legal, economic and operational risks and opportunities associated with your CCS project, and provide a detailed cost analysis and value proposition.

Working with clients across a broad range of industries, we provide subsurface and well engineering technical support to transition new or existing operations into CCS assets.

From the assessment of greenfield projects or existing carbon-producing infrastructure without subsurface components, to those with existing subsurface assets, the team at CCS Energy can assess the feasibility of utilising carbon capture and storage, in conjunction with other low emission technologies, to decarbonise your business

We will filter through the ever-evolving body of data, available government incentives and emerging engineering technologies to find what is relevant to your business, project or scenario, and make sure we are maximising value for you.

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Compliance and Risk Analysis

As with all geological engineering projects, CCS developments require a substantial number of permits, regulatory approvals, risk analyses and licences throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Through active consultation with regulatory bodies and stakeholders, CCS Energy can effectively manage all compliance and risk analysis aspects of the project, to ensure you protect your business, the environment and the public.

From the licensing of CO2 storage sites and associated facilities to drilling approvals and permit surrenders, CCS Energy has an in-depth knowledge of best practices for both CCS developments and geothermal energy.

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Engineering Design and Execution

With years of technical and project management experience in the oil and gas industry, our team of specialist carbon capture engineers can expertly manage all aspects of engineering design and execution.

We will coordinate and execute all conceptual designs and engineering analyses, including geological and petrophysical assessments, to identify potential locations for underground geological sequestration of CO2. Our services include the review of potentially suitable subsurface reservoirs in your operating region to assess potential CCS applications.

Our technical design team members are specialists in well and reservoir engineering, providing detailed and fit-for-purpose well engineering designs, integrity assessments and reservoir characterisations, to ensure the proposal of a safe, sustainable and cost-effective solution.

We offer turnkey designs and execution of the subsurface CCS asset – from CO2 to reservoir – ready for geological storage of CO2, including integration of the CO2 supply infrastructure.

CCS Energy remains committed to our projects throughout their lifecycle, managing all aspects of monitoring and testing while in operation, and planning for future decommissioning to ensure CO2 retainment into the future.

Project Management

The transition from feasibility through to execution requires extensive technical and industry expertise. The CCS Energy team manages the entire process, from procurement and contracting to compliance and risk analysis, ensuring the right technical professionals are engaged at the right time to achieve success.

Our team of carbon capture engineers will also provide specialist advice and assistance in identifying, completing and submitting applications for government grants and incentives, while actively engaging with appropriate government bodies to identify and ensure ongoing compliance with all regulatory requirements and guidelines.

End-to-end solutions

Using our technical expertise and significant industry experience, we can manage the entire project lifecycle, from feasibility through to technical design, compliance, regulatory approvals, execution and ongoing maintenance and full lifecycle integrity.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business forge a path to net-zero emissions.

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Move towards reduced carbon emissions

As climate change evolves, many industries in South Australia embrace reduced, net-zero, or net-negative emissions.

If your organisation is among the pioneering few exploring viable options for carbon dioxide reduction , we can offer our expertise.

Our engineering analyses present a broad spectrum of viable climate solutions that help your business to achieve critical emissions reduction goals.

We work closely with you to custom-tailor solutions that address your sustainability and net zero emission objectives.


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