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Carbon emitters in hard-to-abate sectors are turning to carbon capture and storage

Carbon emitters in hard-to-abate sectors, including cement and fertilizer production, are turning to carbon capture and storage solutions. As the lens sharpens on all carbon-emitting industries, the challenge for hard-to-abate sectors is identifying and executing large-scale solutions that meet the unique problems that traditional renewables alone cannot solve.

Two sectors in particular, cement and fertilizer production, fall into the hard-to-abate category. The demand for these products is increasing, and both are critical to developed and developing nations. Together with other hard-to-abate industries such as steel, petrochemicals and aluminium, they are responsible for approximately 20% of the world’s carbon emissions. The problem lies in the production process.

While replacing sections of the process with renewable energy sources is possible, much of the CO2 emissions result from limestone, clay and other materials in a kiln. CO2 emissions result from the energy used to fire the material and the chemical reaction produced from the mixture’s exposure to heat.

CCS can play a significant role in reducing the carbon emission created by chemical reactions. Working with other renewables to create the necessary energy and CCS to capture the emissions from the chemical reaction, the two-factor issue can be substantially averted.

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What is the primary driver stopping CCS from being employed?

Carbon capture and storage has been in development for over fifty years, and the increase in take-up of the technology around the world is shaping as a game changer for many industries. Large carbon emitters committed to reducing their carbon footprint and having the foresight and courage to move forward with a highly adaptable, tested and proven technology are turning to CCS as a viable and sustainable solution that can be employed now.

The roadblock for many emitters is cost. Economic levers influence business decisions, and short-term pain for long-term gain is a hard rock to move. However, the cost of doing nothing or waiting to see who blinks first has much greater ramifications on the business and the world’s ambitions to meet its Paris Agreement targets by 2050.

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How can CCS Energy help?

The team at CCS Energy has extensive engineering capability in the carbon capture and storage field. With years of onsite experience in the oil and gas industry, we can assist hard-to-abate industries and others considering sustainable and economically stable pathways toward reducing their carbon emissions. Utilising existing data, technical and project management expertise and in-depth regulatory, compliance and risk analysis intelligence, we undertake a formal feasibility study to ensure your business can safely and economically shift toward a cleaner future. Our carbon capture and storage expertise enables us to engage with the appropriate government bodies and seek out incentives and grants that can be applied to your project.

Our professional and qualified approach sets your business up for a sustainable clean future.

CCS Energy is committed to forging your path toward net zero emissions. Our expertise can help clients set realistic targets and tap into additional asset value through carbon offset mechanisms available through various global emission trading schemes. The members of our team are CSS experts and well engineers, passionate about identifying efficient and cost-effective transition technology to capture and store carbon, and reduce your operation’s carbon footprint.

With years of technical experience in the petroleum industry, we can provide all aspects of technical design, project management and regulatory administration.

When your business is ready to do its part in reducing its carbon emissions footprint, give our team a call. We only offer the very best solutions and technical expertise.


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