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The costs of carbon sequestration and how we can help mitigate the costs

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Anything significant comes at a financial cost. Whether it be asset purchases, upgrading software, or adding additional resources to the existing model, the spreadsheet can spit out any number of variables that make the most progressive CEO feel squeamish. When it comes to decarbonising, most industry leaders agree that they must bear the cost now, or many businesses will cease to operate in the years ahead.

At CCS Energy, we know the end game of getting the infrastructure in place is complicated. However, there are several levers that the team at CCS Energy can engage to assist businesses in transitioning to a carbon capture and storage model. Reducing carbon emissions does not mean businesses need to scale down their operations. It means they must employ carbon-neutral technologies that enable them to continue growing.

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Things to consider about carbon capture and storage

Identifying carbon storage sites is a big cost inhibitor for companies looking to convert to a CCS model. Over the past 50 years, geologists and geophysicists have actively explored numerous possible hydrocarbon sites, producing seismic and subsurface data volumes. Much of their analysis identifies locations that may not be commercially viable for gas and oil exploration but are  very well positioned for CO2 sequestration, storage and geothermal potential. Leveraging these historical oil and gas exploration activities can save significant costs both in time and money when identifying suitable locations for long-term CO2 sequestration and storage.

CCS Energy accesses this data to fast track the identification of potential CO2 storage sites, and using our qualified experts, we assist businesses with producing feasibility studies that can create long-term strategic advantages.

The infrastructure associated with CCS does not necessarily equate to customers needing the capital outlay to build a CCS hub. There is the potential to use existing hubs or partner with other emitters in a similar location to build joint facilities that are economically viable for all partners. CCS Energy has the expertise in this area and can help companies form relationships with other businesses and facilitate joint ventures with win/win outcomes. Also, the opportunity to return CO2 emissions back to the market through utilisation can create a cost-positive result in some cases.

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Identifying system efficiencies

The team at CCS Energy has broad-based experience in identifying system efficiencies in any given process. There are more solutions than just sequestration of CO2 emissions underground. We have the expertise to evaluate a client’s overall working system comprehensively. We analyse elements such as surplus heat, water and energy that may be lost during an operational cycle. Using our expertise, we offer solutions enabling the business to absorb these losses into the system for improved efficiencies. We can look at using this energy as a power source for other needs, such as DAC or turbines to generate electricity.

Combining several proven currently used technologies in conjunction with CCS can be more cost-effective and also provide a solution to small-scale end-users.

Biofuel and geothermal systems combined with a small CCS plant are wholesale installations that immediately impact small-scale operations. A smaller-sized installation could power a turbine, charge an EV car or power a small worksite. The CO2 emissions are captured at the source, injected into a small CCS plant, or transported to a local CCS hub.

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Many economic levers can make CCS a good decision

Many options are available for businesses looking at avenues to reduce their carbon footprint. For hard-to-abate sectors or smaller-sized operations, wind, solar or hydro technologies may not be suitable options, and CCS is perfectly placed to fill these gaps. Looking at CCS takes a trained and qualified eye, and the team at CCS Energy can discuss your business’s suitability and provide options that may surprise you. With government investment and incentives on the table, now is a great time to contact our team.

CCS Energy is committed to forging your path toward net zero emissions. Our expertise can help clients set realistic targets and tap into additional asset value through carbon offset mechanisms available through various global emission trading schemes.

Our team members are CSS experts and well engineers, passionate about identifying efficient and cost-effective transition technology to capture and store carbon and reduce your operation’s carbon footprint.

With years of technical experience in the petroleum industry, we can provide all aspects of technical design, project management and regulatory administration.

When your business is ready to do its part in reducing its carbon emissions footprint, give our team a call. We only offer the very best solutions and technical expertise.


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