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CCS for the mid-tier Oil and Gas industry

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CCS for mid-tier oil and gas exploration companies is within reach with the help of CCS Energy. Identifying storage locations is the first step. Successful carbon capture and storage rely on proper site selection, characterisation and monitoring.

CCS Energy is in the perfect position to assist small to mid-sized oil and gas exploration companies to make the transition to carbon capture and storage.

For small to mid-tier oil and gas exploration companies, having the capability and resources to transition their operations to carbon neutrality is a significant hurdle to operational integration. The expertise alone is difficult to attract and investment in solutions is unattainable without full comprehension of the results.

There are renewable energy options; however, location and effective infrastructure don’t necessarily allow for financial feasibility.

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Key Considerations with CCS Energy as an Alternative

As companies explore carbon capture and storage (CCS) as an alternative, mitigating risks becomes critical. Ineffective storage sites can pose significant threats, including carbon dioxide leakages and various subsurface issues that jeopardise the operational integrity of the site.

At CCS Energy, we recognise the importance of risk mitigation. Our commitment to safety and expertise in the field empowers us to address these concerns effectively. With access to compliant site data, our team can efficiently identify suitable locations for carbon sequestration.

By partnering with CCS Energy, your company gains a reliable ally dedicated to navigating the complexities of carbon capture. We prioritise safety, compliance, and environmental responsibility, offering you the confidence and support needed to embrace CCS as a sustainable solution.

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Our team focuses on the core objectives for safe and compliant storage opportunity.

At CCS Energy, we carefully assess subsurface formations based on capacity, retention ability, and factors like permeability, porosity, and rock type. An effective cap rock or sealing mechanism is essential to prevent CO2 upward migration, and we analyse its thickness, continuity, and pressure resistance.

Identifying suitable injection zones is vital for maintaining proper injection rates and pressures, considering depth, pressure, temperature, completion design, and rock properties.

Additionally, we prioritise implementing robust monitoring and leakage detection systems to ensure swift response to potential CO2 leaks, maintaining safety and environmental integrity throughout the storage process.

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Seismic activity and overlying and underlying strata

At CCS Energy, we prioritise safety and compliance in carbon storage projects by addressing potential seismic activity and evaluating overlying and underlying strata to prevent CO2 leakage. With our good expertise and geological capabilities, we conduct thorough assessments using stringent evaluation mechanisms. We ensure that the selected injection zone’s characteristics securely retain CO2 without migration.

Moreover, our extensive experience and geographic expertise enable us to identify practical storage opportunities near CO2 emission sources.

This strategic approach enhances the economic feasibility of CCS projects, reducing initial project CAPEX and ongoing OPEX throughout the project’s lifespan.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, fostering a sustainable and environmentally responsible future for the industry.

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How Can We Help

CCS Energy is committed to forging your path toward net zero emissions. Our expertise can help clients set realistic targets and tap into additional asset value through carbon offset mechanisms available through various global emission trading schemes.

Our team members are CSS experts and well engineers, passionate about identifying efficient and cost-effective transition technology to capture and store carbon, and reduce your operation’s carbon footprint.

With years of technical experience in the petroleum industry, we can provide all aspects of technical design, project management and regulatory administration.

We unearth the legal, economic and operational risks and opportunities directly affecting your business and the suitability of a carbon capture and storage solution and project manage a solution that creates positive long-term benefits to the mining industry and the environment.

When you are ready to reduce your carbon emissions footprint and push forward to a sustainable and environmentally positive mining operation, give our team a call. We only offer the very best solutions and technical expertise.


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